Bee A Great Leader

Bee A Great Leader workshop – Leadership is all about motivating, inspiring and setting direction. This workshop will help you become an effective leader

beeA hive of bees is faced with a catastrophic change in the environment. The bees need to take quick action if they are to survive. But is this hive ready and capable of adapting to the challenges presented or are they stuck in a world of complacency and poor leadership? Great leadership is required to get them to where they need to be but will anyone step up to the mark and make the necessary decisions?

The Bee Book takes an unconventional look at the challenges organisations ( large and small ) face when trying to adapt to a rapidly changing, challenging and unpredictable world.

rndloThis short story will serve as a catalyst to challenge your thinking and ask questions of how you deal with change, innovation, employee engagement and leadership within your organisation. Combined with the Bee A Great Leader workshop we will explore key traits of great leadership and how to guide your hive through the turmoil and challenges presented in the business environment.

beeflyUsing The Bee Book, combined with the best practises in leadership learning we have developed a distinctive leadership experience that focuses on real world scenarios faced by all leaders today. It is thought provoking, reflective, intuitive, challenging and filled with practical knowledge to help improve your leadership skills. Above all it is invigorating. Want to know more? If you would like further information on this workshop please complete your details in the “Want to know?” section.

The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • What is it leaders do?
  • rndlo2

  • Using The Bee Book we analyse the two queen bees leadership styles to compare to our own situation
  • Leadership lessons we can learn from bees
  • Develop a common language (based on the story of the bees) to be used throughout the organisation for effective leadership
  • Analyse what actually drives leaders and why behaviours are important for effective leadership
  • Leadership effectiveness behaviours
  • Use a 9 step model for competent leadership
  • Determine how the vision, mission, purpose and values of an organisation are essential for leadership in terms of gaining respect and setting direction
  • How to lead with confidence, building self confidence and building confidence in others
  • Complete a self confidence survey and analyse the results for improvement
  • What are the traits of a great leader?
  • Why should anyone be led by you as their leader?
  • Look at your leadership employee engagement traits to help improve your leadership style for better results
  • A short pre-read of The Bee Book is a recommended pre-requisite

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