Leading Positive Results

Caught Between Two Worlds…

Spark was exactly like every other frog in his pond with one notable exception. Spark emerges from a tadpole with a slight but noticeable orange spot. And this orange spot makes Spark feel uncomfortably different. What’s more, Spark begins to make a disconcerting observation; when Spark does things that make him feel better (and produce more positive results) the orange spots increase. Spark is left with a difficult decision; be normal, which makes him less conspicuous, or continue doing those things that make him happier, more productive and… more orange.

So begins the parable of The Orange Frog, a disarming tale that serves as the starting point for the workshop Leading Positive ResultsTM. By the end of the story, readers see and feel pressures they recognize in their day-to-day life. They also witness the most remarkable transformation that takes place when Spark finally chooses to adopt an orange way of life. Not only does his own personal satisfaction and productivity increase, these same results slowly start to ripple out to the other frogs in the pond.

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Leading Positive ResultsTM Workshop

Using this story as a backdrop, participants explore their own work place and identify similar pressures, similar characters and similar threats. They are then challenged to develop habits and strategies resolve these pressures allowing them to follow Spark’s journey and develop strategies to ripple positive results throughout their teams and departments.

This workshop offers a different experience when compared to other training programs. This approach is purposeful: the workshop attempts to break down barriers – real and perceived – to facilitate a transformation for leaders, teams, and ultimately, organisations.

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Training Programs Do Not Change Behaviour.

People change behavior, and while organisational change management approaches usually fail, people change management approaches can succeed. The learning design of this workshop requires your active participation and offers an experiential approach to learning. This design provides an opportunity to learn from the author and his research as well as the opportunity to learn from other practitioners in the workshop and have fun.

The Research


Research concludes being positive results in more resilient, adaptable and successful people and organisations.

This same research also is clear on positivity being contagious. We need to move from information to transformation!

The workshop will cover key principles for creating a more positive and productive workplace and lifestyle.

Two Primary Workshop Objectives:

Individual Adaptability (self leadership):

  • Begin a Personal Transformation towards a more positive mindset and more productive and adaptable work life.

Group Adaptability (team leadership):

  • Initiate and support Transformation by cascading the effects of Positivity and Adaptability to your team.

Workshop Design

Information is not Transformation

  • Experience change in an exercise
  • Learn how the Achor principles relate to our journey for higher levels of fulfillment

In the Ponds

  • Reflect upon prior experiences with ineffectual change
  • Understand the power of Social Scripts
  • Capture driving and restraining forces
  • Complete the fulfillment/ performance grid
  • Review past experiences as reminder how culture plays a critical role in shaping behavior
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Creating Our Future

  • Recognize the driving/restraining forces (behaviors) and key factors required to achieve higher fulfillment
  • Create a road map to visualize the journey
  • Complete the fulfillment/ performance grid
  • Collaborate as a team to create a shared future state

Spark‘s Personal Journey

  • Gather insights into what drove Spark’s transformation
  • Emphasize the need for self development
  • Apply Positive Performance Principles to individual Experience

Spark‘s Team Leadership Challenge

  • Describe Ripple Effect of Positivity on teamwork
  • Change as team sport cannot happen without role model
  • Individual worksheet on applying principles to current change team challenges
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About Shawn Achor


Author of The Happiness Advantage, Shawn spent over a decade at Harvard University where he won numerous distinguished teaching awards for his work. He graduated magnacum Iaudefrom Harvard and earned a Masters from Harvard Divinity School in Christian and Buddhist ethics. In 2006, he was Head Teaching Fellow for “Positive Psychology.” the most popular course at Harvard at the time. In 2007, Shawn founded Good Think Inc. to share his research with a wider population. when the global economy collapsed in 2008, Shawn was immediately called in as an expert by the world’s largest banks to help restart forward progress. Subsequently, Shawn has spoken in 45 countries to a wide variety of audiences: bankers on Wall Street, students in Dubai, CEOs in Zimbabwe. Shawn’s research on happiness and human potential have received attention from the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and NPR.



At the Orange frog stand in Atlanta

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