Leading Practical Change


Leading Practical Change – “Making Change Stick”

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“Leading Practical Change” is a facilitated workshop for leaders in all organisations who are facing the challenge of implementing change. Based on years of research from some of the world’s foremost thought-leaders. ” Leading Practical Change” takes a refreshingly simple but highly effective look at the challenges change presents.Using the best principles of Accelerated Learning, this workshop engages, stimulates and educates the learner in a way that ensures retention and application of knowledge is maximised.

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The learning objectives for this programme are as follows:

  • Understand and adapt your own leadership style in the context of change
  • Learn principles and strategies for leading the emotional side of change (individual vs corporate aspects of change)
  • Understand and use a process and toolkit for leading the change process
  • Create a personal & business action plan for a current or future change you are responsible for

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In addition to some short pre-reading based on the work of John Kotter and William Bridges, prior to the workshop, delegates complete an online DiSC survey. This survey identifies their preferred behavioural style (natural and adapted). During the workshop, this style is reviewed, along with the styles of the other delegates, and put into context when dealing with change.

Delegates then learn a set of principles for leading the emotional side of change using the work of William Bridges Transitions model.

Delegates learn the importance of these principles and apply them:

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  • Using a story about a colony of penguins trapped on a melting iceberg (based on reading a book as a recommended prerequisite)
  • To their own organisation.

Again, this is done through highly engaging. interactive and stimulating training methods that ensure full learner engagement.

Finally, delegates learn a process for leading the change journey using the 8-Step process for change developed by John Kotter. Once again, this is reinforced through activities and exercises linked to the story of penguins on a melting iceberg as well as relating the process steps to change in the delegates’ own organisations.

The workshop culminates with the completion of a “Leading Practical Change” scorecard and action plan to capture the delegates’ learning and actions against all of the elements of the programme (DiSC. Bridges and Kotter).

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  • If you would like further information on this workshop please complete your details below


Thanks for the past few days, one of the best ones in my carreer! You are my idol.

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