Paul’s keynote presentations are focused on informing the audience about change, innovation and leadership. Anyone attending a seminar, workshop or keynote presentation will be looking for inspiration, motivation and answers. Speaking and facilitating more than 150 times a year, Paul inspires and motivates; he challenges and pushes people to think; he delivers with passion and enthusiasm.

Specially Tailored Keynote Presentation:

Paul’s keynote presentations may be tailored to your organisations’ specific
requirements to ensure you get the message you want delivered in a motivational
and effective way.


Paul delivers information “with a huge amount of energy”. People get it,
remember it and use it. Paul’s delivery is effective because he keeps the
message simple and entertaining but at the same time informative and

Areas of Expertise:

  • Change – facilitating over 150 workshops and keynote presentations per year, having worked with Kotter International, Paul Rigby is well placed to discuss the topic of change with any organisation. He has delivered to numerous global leaders in their field – from huge multi-national organisations to small privately run firms.
  • Innovation – working with Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, Paul has the foremost thinkers on innovation in the world advising him on this exiting but necessary key business strategy.
  • Leadership – with access to some of the worlds’ top thought leaders, based on his experience in running his own business and as a corporate executive, Paul delivers a hard hitting and informative keynote presentation.
  • Employee engagement – Paul focuses on the work of Shawn Achor using Shawn’s research and working with Shawn on the latest trends in motivation, positive psychology  and employee engagement. Paul uses practical examples to deliver an impactful talk.

Paul’s main focus is to increase urgency, engage employees, take action, empower, communicate, work as a team, do more than is expected of you, push the boundaries, execute in a disciplined way and look to implement tomorrow’s leadership style today. Decide what needs to be done and just do it.

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