Paul speaks to thousands of people about change, innovation, employee engagement and leadership. He is extremely passionate about what he does and how he delivers the workshops. There is one certainty – Paul will engage you from start to finish.

Paul will share practical real life examples based on research from the worlds’ best thought leaders as well as his own practical experiences.

At the 1 – 5 day workshops you will be challenged to increase your urgency, think outside the box and to take action in a disciplined way. Each workshop allows the participants to interact and develop an action plan that they can start implementing immediately. Above all we have fun whilst we learn – this is not only motivational but increases the learning experience too.

Public warning:

Please ensure you delegate your work before attending any of these workshops. There is little time to reply to emails or answer phone calls during the day.

Interactive workshops:

For information on each of the interactive workshop please click the links below.

This is what participants say about Leading Positive Results Workshop

– aka The Orange Frog Workshop

(The participants’ names and their organizations have been withheld on request)

Thanks for the past few days, one of the best ones in my carreer! You are my idol. Head of R&D Nuclear Energy at Fortum

Fun Active Session. Great take-outs.Thank you. Sales Executive

It helped me see how being happy will go a long way. Anonymous

I strongly feel all of our leaders need to take this workshop. Senior Manager

If you take just one principle + apply – you’ll succeed. Imagine if you take more! WOW! HOD L&D

Participate & have fun. Come with an open mind and be honest with yourself. Anonymous

After participating in this workshop, I now know it’s OK to be the weirdo. Marketing Communications Executive

Lifelong impact with only days invested. VP

I recommend this workshop to anyone who cannot laugh at themselves, appreciate individuality, escape society’s bonds and celebrate us weirdoes. I.T. Geek

An eye opener – very educational. Was able to apply to home life, work life as well as training tips. Anonymous

Reinforced Mindset Matters – always be positive! Sales Manager

Be open to the positivity that lives in you. Sales assistant

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! Anonymous

Everyone do this! Anonymous

Yes, very insightful and encouraging. Support Team

Great workshop! Anonymous

Be open-minded. Anonymous

Fun! Anonymous

Orange is cool. Anonymous

Really helps to get to know your coworkers, especially the ones I haven’t spoken with or met before. Anonymous

Everyone should participate in this – it will change your life. HR Team

The workshop came at a great point in my career - learning that happiness can lead to success. Anonymous

Great workshop that will help the learner realize the power of Orange in the workplace!! Anonymous

I would highly recommend this program to all. Head L&D

To always think Orange Anonymous

The Orange Frog challenges your normal way of thinking and encourages a positive approach to your every day. Excellent experience! VP International Sales

The Orange Frog reinforces the power of positive affirmations and a simple but realistic truth … being positive is contagious! Operations Group Finance Director

A great team experience! VP Customer Care

Great leadership workshop on managing through change Anonymous

Great for any company or department struggling with change. Strategy Lead

I feel that the teachings from this workshop should begin with our children Anonymous

Great day to take teams to another level with change and talking challenges Learning and Development Specialist

Looking forward to sharing with my staff! Anonymous

Change is good / Orange is great! Anonymous

A great use of your time. A lovely team building event! Procurement Consultant

By the end of the day you will be positively ORANGE! HOD

Love the team building work and the direction of the workshop! HOD

This was an experience that was transformative for our leadership group to journey through together President

Excellent workshop! Financial Accountant

Positive mindset all the time takes work but will reap benefits Anonymous

A very good workshop. Anonymous

Go in with an open mind. Service Engineer

I learned a lot about who I am, what I need to do to improve my mindset, how to evaluate my mindset as an employee. Front End Support

I am so Orange I glow! And so does my team. Sales Manager

Excellent presentation! Good energy! Services Team

Lots of laughter & a fun filled day. Awesome exercise for team building Factory Head

The Happiness Advantage” puts happiness within reach! Anonymous

Valuable information and tactics for all aspects of your life. Anonymous

Open your mind to a different view and embrace new opportunities. VP Sales

Attend. Even if your mindset doesn’t change during the workshop. It opens your mind up! HR

I would absolutely recommend the workshop to others and hope that people will embrace the techniques and that we have a happier office. Anonymous

It was very worthwhile and really helpful. Support Engineer

The workshop was very helpful in changing my mindset. Everyone can improve from attending this workshop. Director

Facilitator was great and has a great way of getting all to participate! Training Team

The workshop was engaging and provided good tools for life. Service Engineer

Fun being Orange! Anonymous

Awesome, worthwhile experience! Developer L&D Programmes

Listen – enjoy! Anonymous

It really makes you think about how you are in charge of your mindset. Anonymous

Really fun! – and you will take a lot out of it! Anonymous

Highly recommended – Super Fun! Anonymous

A great way to jump-start transformation. VP Innovation and Strategy

I have been telling people about it already! Software Developer

Great ideas – very interesting! Suppliers and Procurement

Great workshop! Training developer

Breaking social scripts can be beneficial. Anonymous

I’m impressed with the workshop. It has produced positive changes within myself that I will take with me. Anonymous

Good way to work with others in department that we don’t see often. Accounts Dept

A must! R&D Training Developer

Open your mind. Anonymous

Excellent class – I recommend it! Account Director

Be like a flower – start green and bloom ORANGE! Salaries Clerk

Everyone can benefit from a happy, positive self-evaluation. Anonymous

You will come out feeling great, ready to make a difference, and ready to apply these principles. Anonymous

Have fun, don’t hold back and learn! HR

This is the most fun I have had in this organization in years! Anonymous

I think this is a great organizational change and shift in mindset that will be very effective. Manager Planning and Strategy

Take hold of this workshop and be excited that you work for a company that embraces this culture. Anonymous

Recommendation: Open your mind to a welcome and better culture … we all know we need and desire it. Green person who turned orange in a day

If every associate embraces this culture of positivity, our organization will explode – in a positive way! Anonymous

Your mindset starts at home. Anonymous

Great Class. Good energy and easy learning environment. Anonymous

I believe everyone wants to be happy and strives in so many ways and does so many things to make them happy. This has taught me that start starting out happy will bring all the results to keep me happy! Anonymous

This workshop allowed me to self-reflect on the things I need to do (with the help of personal action plans) to help transform my personal & professional life. Head L&D

I was “transitioned” from a green skeptical frog as to the effectiveness or usefulness of the course to an orange believer in the program and the principles. Head of Procurement

I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be more balanced in their work/home lives. Sales executive

Great Workshop! Head of Regional Sales

Very enlightening! Easy to understand and incorporate at work and at home! HR Lead

Great workshop! It gave me a new perspective for self-evaluation. Product Manager

Absolutely recommend it to all areas within organisation. V.P. I.T. Procurement

Definitely recommend! The whole idea of re-training your brain is great and much needed. Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Great way to look outside the situation to gain a perspective that being different is not bad – in fact, it can be a good thing. CIO

I loved it! Great facilitators! Sales Executive

An absolute must experience for anyone that believes they already have a positive attitude. Director

Good seminar – nice break from the responsibilities! Anonymous

Great tool for associates going through change w/lots of opportunities. Innovation Head

This can be used in personal life, too! VP

Refreshing & relevant! Warehouse foreman

Enjoy it and absorb as much as you can. CEO

Engaging presentation! VP Engineering Dept

This was such a great class that focused on something we normally don’t spend much time on as associates and that is how we can be happy or find happiness. Anonymous

The Orange Frog experience is a great way to help me more easily address challenges in the future. Marketing Manager

Come in with an open mind and you will leave with a more positive mindset. AVP Sales Academy

I really enjoyed The Orange Frog. It is a great parable that brings Shawn Achor’s message to life. Spark shows us how a positive attitude can tremendously increase creativity, innovation, and productivity and lead to happiness and, ultimately, success. It’s a great, easy, quick and fun read. President and CEO

The Orange Frog is a brilliant, one of a kind business parable that brings organizational development to life. Not only can you learn how Happiness creates advantages in the work place, but also how to simply enjoy life a bit more. Vice President, Sales Development

The Orange Frog provides a mechanism to tap into an organization’s true potential. It rejuvenates and energizes associates and enables them to understand they can make a difference in the work place and have influence over their environment. President

A great book that will help the reader realize the power of Orange in the workplace!! President/Administrator

The concepts and suggestions are simple, yet powerful, and it's because they are simple that they are appealing. The Orange Frog gave me a renewed energy personally and professionally at a time I needed it most. If each of our leaders chooses to act on just one of the Orange Frog principles, we will see very positive outcomes for our company! Human Resources Director

A valuable story!  Our leaders are spreading the story of the orange frog and finding ways to turn our green frogs into orange frogs.  The language of the Orange Frog has become commonplace throughout … and our leaders are becoming Orange Frog coaches to their teams applying the concepts to improve the work experience of our employees. Chief Administrative Officer

This was a great opportunity to really understand how what I say & think matters. Learning and Performance Consultant

The Happiness Advantage material is great! Count yourself as very lucky if your company is embracing this! Financial Director

Life Changing. Anonymous

The Orange Frog workshop reenergized my passion at work. It confirmed that loving what you do at work and being passionate is not weird after all. Thank you for bringing my passion back to life. Learning and Performance Specialist

This is a great way/program to kick off a revolution! I see big changes ahead and I am very excited. Sales Leader Effectiveness Coach

Great reminder of what’s important! Training Director

Excellent, worth the investment of your time. Anonymous

Great way to improve/adjust mindset for anyone that is willing. Anonymous

Orange Frog makes you look at the way things are being done and then how things can be different and better. Head of Operations

Go in open-minded and be ready to be transformed. VP Logistics

It brings people together. Leaders need to do this with their teams. VP Sales

Provides a great framework to approach challenges. Technical Head

Raises enthusiasm and unlocks creativity Innovation and Strategy Executive

This was a fabulous workshop! It helped to change some of my views and helped me to look at things in my life more positively. Anonymous

Have an open mind Anonymous

Listen and take the opportunity to learn the steps. It’s life changing! I.T.C.

This workshop will leave a lasting impression on how you view your work. Factory Safety Lead

Loved it. Simply loved it!! HR Dept. Head

This course has started me to broaden my thinking. The course really works! Regional Sales Manager

Great workshop very practical and useful!- Service Engineer

I think all companies should have all of their employees attend. I felt that change is definitely possible! Previous skeptic

This was amazing! A must-do for any employee, it will motivate you in the workplace and outside! Credit Controller

Read the materials first so you can have a full understanding of content. This is a career changing experience, however, the personal benefits are invaluable and can track to my children. HR Lead

The Orange Frog experience does different things for different people. For those struggling with engagement, it helps them recognize the negative social scripts and personal barriers and how to overcome. For those trying to create change, it creates a roadmap to overcome common project obstacles. Commercial Director

I would definitely recommend this to others. I have been through many workshops, but this was by far the best! Solutions Lead

Very interactive and fun! Not the normal type of workshop that I’ve attended in the past. CFO

“GREAT PRESENTERS” Marketing Executive

Great content. Helps to gain a deeper understanding of the Happiness Advantage. Supply Chain Manager

Great topic, better parable and best facilitation. Regional Head of Sales

Great show and workshop – thanks for all of your hard work! Anonymous

Take the workshop! Being Orange at work translates into your personal life and vice versa. Who doesn’t want to be happier, more successful, and/or live longer? Customer Support

Great workshop – makes you think differently Anonymous

Come and learn about yourself! HR

Loved the variety of exercises, videos and lecture. Anonymous

I really enjoyed the workshop. Helped me see areas where I could improve to make my work experience much better. Anonymous

Everyone should attend – opens your mind up! CFO

I think this workshop is wonderful! Great idea! CEO

This workshop was enlightening! Anonymous

I had a great time Credit controller

Good way to express complex ideas Marketing and Sales

Have fun with it – don’t be afraid to “step outside of your comfort zone” CEO

Great energy throughout the workshop/presentation …Facilitators were AWESOME! Customer Support

I loved the energy and enthusiasm of this workshop and how its focus is on creating a more positive and fun work environment VP Sales

Time well spent! We all need a dose of positivity from time to time. Member Of The Board

Great seminar / exercise Anonymous

Great way to instill a positive mindset. Anonymous

This can be a game-changer – if you want it! VP Operations

Fun, creative workshop – reminded me that a small change can make a big difference Anonymous

I would definitely recommend this to others. I have been through many workshops, but this was by far the best! Keisha Streeter

The Orange Frog experience does different things for different people. For those struggling with engagement, it helps them recognize the negative social scripts and personal barriers and how to overcome. For those trying to create change, it creates a roadmap to overcome common project obstacles. J.J. Bowman

This is a career-changing experience, however, the personal benefits are invaluable and can track to my children Cathi Gilliam

This was amazing! A must-do for any employee, it will motivate you in the workplace and beyond Steph Scott

Let me once again express how much I appreciate your fantastic performance here in Poland. It was an amazing experience for all of us! I am looking forward to workshop summery and I am sure we’ll stay in touch Magdalena Sosnowska
CE Learning & Development