About Paul

My passion is to inspire others to 'bee' the best they can 'bee'







A regular keynote presenter at global industry conferences Paul also advises clients and frequently assists with company change, innovation, leadership, digital business transformation and employee engagement efforts.  Paul knows and understands business and what it takes to lead successful businesses in times of change and diversity.  He has an incredible energy and passion and an ability to translate his hands-on experience to the business world.  He has learned from personal experience how to turn businesses around.



He conducts numerous workshops in over 20 countries per year and delivers online workshops too.  Paul is qualified as a certified master consultant for the Leading Innovation Workshop™ based upon the works of Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Leading Bold Change™ based upon the works of Harvard Professor, John Kotter, Leading Change™, Leading Positive Results™ based on the work of Shawn Achor CEO of GoodThink Inc. and a world leading expert on human potential, Learn To Lead™ a 5-day leadership programme for emerging leaders and Drive™ an exciting workshop based on Dan H. Pink’s work on employee engagement and motivation.



Today Paul focuses exclusively on The Bee Book, The Bee Book v2.0 and the bee suite of workshops. He uses these books to ensure a common language/theme across all disciplines of his teachings. Bee Ready For Change™Bee Engaged™Bee Innovative™Bee A Great Leader™, Bee Ready For Digital Business Transformation™,Bee An Intrapreneur™ and Bee Relevant™ interactive workshops all use the common theme of the bees. Paul has delivered the bee suite of workshops in over 60 countries to more than 35,000 people and conducted over 150 TTT sessions to enable others to deliver The Bee Book workshops.




Bee Book Transformation
Bee workshop brochures

Paul is co-author of The Bee Book and The Bee Book v2.0.  He has written a suite of interactive and highly engaging workshops based on these entertaining stories.  Bee Ready For Change™, Bee Engaged™, Bee A Great Leader™ ,Bee Innovative™ and Bee Ready For Digital Business Transformation™, Bee An Intrapreneur™ and Bee Relevant™ follow the theme of The Bee Book and The Bee Book v2.0 thus creating a powerful business tool for any organisation providing a common language.

Paul’s proven ability to conduct business on a global stage gives him the experience to assist organisations of any size or scale to successfully reach their business objectives.  Paul’s easy-going demeanour combined with years of practical business experience make him a valued advisor to all of his clients.

Paul received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Rhodes University in Business Administration and Mercantile Law and later completed his Executive Development Programme at Wits Business School.

Paul is based in the UK operating from Guernsey, Channel Islands.