Some interesting and useful resources

When is a good time to change?

When is a good time to change? We often here about the exponential rate of change becoming faster and faster. Consider this quote by Thomas L. Friedman to cement the point: "Today, ‘later’ is officially over. ‘Later’ will now be too late”. This quote implies a...


URGENCY is the first step for effective change. No urgency = No change. Make sure you have a compelling reason to change that connects with the heart and mind. Also do not forget to tell people when they are going. People need a reason to act, so make it crystal clear...

See and feel the change – how to practically implement it

For effective change we need to win over as many people as possible.  Major change needs at least a 75% majority.  I think 75% is the tipping point.  To help achieve this tipping point, I often use the concept of the elephant, the rider and the path. Emotions are powerful. Emotions are a dominant driver of most meaningful life decisions. In the elephant, rider, path example, the elephant equates to the emotional side of decision making. The rider is the rational. The third part of the equation is the vision – where we are going – this is the path.

BigPicture Learning

My good friend and co-author of The Bee Book - Craig Smith - has a great offering called BigPicture Learning. This is a great way to learn using a different methodology. We often tell participants in Bee Ready For Change workshop to see and feel the change. Well...