Bee Innovative™

The toughest kind of change. It's about creating new value

“Create an agile organisation not a fragile organisation”

Innovation and change are the drivers for enhanced efficiency, improved competitiveness and increased profitability. The “best run” organisations are fine-tuned to weed out activities that interfere with productivity or efficiency. This makes them great. Great organisations also recognise they need new ideas to create their future. The problem most great organisations face, however, is that the same great ideas that are needed to create the future also require new activities which can interfere with productivity and efficiency. This is the toughest kind of change but if you get this right you create an agile organisation that is better equipped to succeed in the future.

The term innovation derives from the Latin word innovatus, which is the noun form of innovare to renew or change. Although the term is broadly used, innovation generally refers to the creation of better or more effective productsprocessestechnologies, or ideas that affect organisations, marketsgovernments and society.Innovation is all about executing and implementing ideas. It is about adding new value.

 We define an innovative initiative as:

“Any project that is new or has an uncertain outcome” 

“Creativity + Execution of the right ideas + Delivery of new business value”

In reality innovation does not require extensive change, it requires targeted change.

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The issue for business leaders today is how to sustain today’s competitive advantage when it is often in direct conflict with what we need to do to create tomorrow’s competitive advantage. It is not enough to simply execute today’s practices tomorrow; we must begin to execute tomorrow’s practices today.

The fact is that most management time and attention is focused on managing the present. We must maintain our competitive position today if we are to have the resources to invest in the future. That said, far too many leadership teams put all their eggs in today’s basket at the expense of tomorrow.

In looking at future practices, uncertainty poses an even bigger challenge. How do we invest anything in something we have not done before, or something that we do not know the outcome if we do?

The pertinent questions that we have been asked time and again by organisations around the world:-

“How do we modify the existing operations model to accommodate new work practices, processes and routines?”

 “How do we intentionally create tomorrow while we simultaneously execute today’s business model?”

Innovation is a two part challenge. First, you need the breakthrough idea. Then, you have to execute it. Unfortunately, the second step is usually underappreciated or overlooked. Bee Innovative™ workshop will address this critical aspect of how to implement innovation within your organisation.

During the workshop we will refer to numerous practical/actual examples of how companies succeeded and failed in executing their innovative ideas. We will use The Bee Book to convey this message on how to implement innovation. (This is a prerequisite reading for the workshop).

Bee Innovative™ workshop is really about exciting and innovative change and how to bring ideas to market whilst maintaining the performance engine (ongoing operations) with minimum conflict. It will show you how to become a more agile organisation and learn from a disciplined and proven approach.

The learning objectives of this workshop are:

This unique workshop will provide you with the skills to:

  • Lead innovation and change initiatives
  • Determine when to go with an idea or when to pull out of it
  • Become more disciplined in your approach to implementing new ideas
  • Manage conflict between the ongoing operations and the new innovation team
  • Deliver successful innovation initiatives
  • Lead innovation initiatives
  • Bring new ideas to market
  • Align activities and objectives
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Implement innovative ideas
  • Learn the disciplined 6 step model for implementing innovative ideas
  • Embed innovation into the culture of the organisation
  • Stimulate creativity with a disciplined approach
  • Create a common language and methodology
  • Foster great team work
  • Become a more agile organisation

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Who should attend Bee Innovative™ workshop?

Leaders at all levels within the organisation. Every employee can contribute to innovation, but it is very important to communicate how he or she can contribute. By attending this workshop you will understand exactly how to contribute and support innovation. We need to embrace innovation and lead by example. We need to ensure that new ideas are implemented or commercialised for the benefit of the organisation’s future using a disciplined approach and to ensure the organisation becomes more and more agile.

This is real innovation. This is what innovation is all about.

Please note: a short pre-read of The Bee Book is a recommended prerequisite.