Bee Relevant™

Leadership lessons from the pandemic

Hope is not a strategy. Being relevant and staying relevant requires hard work.

There is a lot of talk about creating agile organisations. For sure, agile is better than arthritic. Threats, and opportunities, are popping up in unrecognisable forms and when least expected. Our agility (factory model) is proving increasingly ineffective. As we move into an era of increasing uncertainty and unknowability, we need to recognise that agility is not enough. That is why we are starting to hear more about adaptability. So, the response is less about becoming more agile and more about adapting. That will tilt the odds in your favour. 

We hope this workshop and The Bee Book v2.0 will ignite the fire inside you, open your mind and shift your thinking to take action to explore the opportunities the “new normal” presents to improve performance.



 Bee Relevant™ is an interactive, high energy, facilitated workshop for leaders and potential leaders in any organisation, large or small, government or corporate, who require a simple no-nonsense approach to help them understand and apply the business lessons we have learned  from the Covid pandemic.  We need to focus on “beeing” fit for purpose, “beeing” relevant and staying relevant. 

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Bee Relevant™ workshop uses the story The Bee Book v2.0 to convey an engaging, practical and interactive approach to helping leaders and potential leaders understand and apply key lessons from the pandemic and their impact on the business. Do you need to ensure that you and your organisation are fit for purpose and stay fit for purpose? Attend this workshop.

Using The Bee Book v2.0 and the best principles of Accelerated Learning, this workshop engages, motivates, stimulates and educates the participant in a way that ensures retention and application of knowledge is maximised. It is fun, engaging, stimulating and filled with practical examples.

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Want to know more?

The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • Staying relevant requires learning. In order to stay relevant, leaders have to learn new trends and keep educating themselves. They have to keep evolving
  • It is easy to be a one-hit wonder. It is hard to stay relevant for more than a few years
  • We have to keep transforming ourselves to stay relevant for the future
  • You cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow
  • In this business world leaders must be relentlessly remarkable to stay relevant
  • In this tough and competitive world, one has to be innovative and creative to stay relevant and unique
  • It is not easy being relevant and staying relevant
  • Relevant means being closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered
  • Use The Bee Book V2.0 to help transform the story of a hive of bees to real world situations and to develop a common language throughout the organisation
  • To jolt leaders to take urgent action – a quantum leap – to ensure the organisation is fit for purpose and stays relevant

A short pre-read of The Bee Book V2.0 is a recommended prerequisite.

It will not do any harm to re-visit The Bee Book either and will add to the learning experience  🙂