Just 6, that is it

I often ask participants in my workshops to write what they do in 6 or to refine their vision in 6 words or their purpose etc.

For example, my purpose in 6 words is:


What this does is simplify what one does. It makes it crystal clear to yourself and everyone else. It takes time to get to these 6 words but in the end, it is worth it.

It is like writing what you do on a doormat. The people who make doormats typically charge you per word. In order to bring the costs down, you need to simplify the message. Keep it short and keep it simple for maximum impact.

I always ask my clients to use the same principle when writing their business plans. Keep it simple and be crystal clear. That way everyone gets it and everyone can start implementing. I like to use the 4C’s. Crystal, Clear, Customised, Communication.

So ask yourself. What is it you stand for? What it is you wish to achieve in the fewest possible words. I use 6. It can be slightly less or slightly more.

Google a great one – 4 words Faster More Relevant Search

It tells you precisely what they do and what they offer. So try this. Make your doormat today.

Paul Rigby- co-author of The Bee Book and facilitator of Bee Ready For Change, Bee Engaged, Bee A Great Leader and Bee Innovative workshops