Bee An Intrapeneur™

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Crucially corporate innovation and internal entrepreneurship will play a fundamental role in helping organisations implement agile solutions to help them sail through rougher waters.

Now, more than ever, business strategy must be complimented with a solid people strategy at the heart of which are people who can think and work differently – entrepreneurs. In the corporate world we call them intrapreneurs.

50% of senior executives consider entrepreneurial skills as key for the future success of their organisations. This is because intrapreneurs apply problem-solving, creativity, communication skills and critical thinking to deal with ambiguity. They are agents of change, they improve results and enhance growth for their employer. They capture value-generating opportunities.


Bee An Intrapreneur™  workshop is an interactive, high energy, facilitated workshop for employees and  leaders in any organisation, large or small, government or corporate, who wish to add value to their organisation and improve themsleves as a forward thinking leader – an infinite leader – an upstream leader. Every organisation needs more intrapreneurs. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Bee An Intrapreneur™ workshop will challenge you to up your game and to “bee” and intrapreneur to ensure you and your business stay relevant

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Organisations today, are transforming themselves in order to rise to the complex challenges in the business world. Intrapreneurs are the driving force behind this transformation!

In a fast-moving world, intrapreneurs are the source of energy and creativity that helps an organisation to find and exploit change and innovation opportunities. They are the most valuable of all employees!

Bee An Intrapreneur™ workshop is an interactive, high energy, facilitated workshop for people in any organisation, large or small, government or corporate, who wish to add value to their organisation and improve themselves as a leader. This workshop will help participants really understand what is required to be a corporate entrepreneur and make a difference.

Bee An Intrapreneur™ workshop uses the story of The Bee Book and The Bee Book v2.0 to convey a simple message about how intrapreneurs can help future-proof your business, implement change and ensure the organisation stays relevant. Leaders at all levels need to drive change, commercialise, innovative ideas, engage their employees and achieve results. They cannot do this unless they act as an intrapreneur in the first instance and employ or train other intrapreneurs to make this happen.

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Who should attend this workshop?

Employees, managers and leaders at all levels who want to help transform their organisation while developing their intrapreneurial skills. Invest in yourself and your team. Become more enterprising in your approach to envisioning and creating the future. Solve problems, implement your ideas and influence for positive change.

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Want to know more?

The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • Unleash intrapreneurship to drive change and ensure your organisation stays relevant
  • Develop more intrapreneurs to increase engagement, innovation, ownership and profits
  • Develop as an intrapreneur into an upstream leader
  • Improve employee engagement and creativity
  • Organisations need to continually change and transform themselves in order to stay relevant. Intrapreneurs are the key to making this happen
  • Understand why intrapreneurs are the key to staying relevant
  • Understand why it is important to create an intrapreneurial culture
  • Understand how as an intrapreneur you will add new value to your team and your organisation – you will thrive in the hive
  • Intrapreneurs are the source of energy, motivation, drive and creativity in an organisation. They make change stick, they are highly engaged, they explore opportunities and commercialise ideas. They add tremendous value to their teams and to the organisation. They are probably the most valuable of all employees – we explore how to lead them and understand how to develop more intrapreneurs with the organisation in all departments

A short pre-read of The Bee Book and The Bee Book V2.0 is a recommended prerequisite