Paul Rigby has inspired thousands of people around the world to take action and increase their sense of urgency. He has addressed audiences on all five continents in over 60 countries.

Paul is a keynote speaker, master facilitator and advisor focusing on change, employee engagement, innovation, leadership and digital business transformation  He frequently delivers keynote addresses for large multi-nationals and small businesses alike, as well as providing facilitative workshops for employees at any level within the organisation.

Paul’s area of expertise is ideal for any leadership development programme. Change is vital in todays hectic business environment. We all need to progress and adapt. Innovation is something that is often spoken about but seems to be left as the last item on the strategic agenda when in fact it is probably the most important part of strategy. It is a focused change, a more difficult change that needs focused attention. 

Once leaders understand these two important concepts, they need to get people to do what they want them to do, in an engaged and motivated way. This is where the three areas of Paul’s expertise really come to the fore. They are synergistic and at the same time can stand on their own. Every successful business leader (whether in large or small organisations) must understand them. After all, what is the point of spending thousands of pounds/dollars/euros on leadership development if your teams are disengaged. You can have the best tools in the world but if people are not motivated and engaged in what they do – you have failed in your quest for improvement. 


Once a leader has understood change, employee engagement, innovation and how to be a great leader, it is necessary to focus on digital business transformation. Welcome to the future. Great leaders must understand how to ensure their businesses stay relevant.


We have a workshop for each of these disciplines. We will be pleased to facilitate them for you and your teams and to deliver TTT (train-the-trainer) sessions for your facilitators to enable them to energise the organisation.