Interactive workshops

For on-line workshops please contact Paul directly

Interactive workshops

Paul speaks to thousands of people about change, innovation, employee engagement, digital business transformation and leadership. He is extremely passionate about what he does and how he delivers the workshops. There is one certainty – Paul will engage you from start to finish.  He will challenge the status quo, push the boundaries and provide you with a great learning experience.

Paul will share practical real-life examples based on research from the worlds best thought leaders as well as his own practical hands-on experiences.

At the 1 and 2 day workshops you will be challenged to increase your urgency, step outside the box and to take action in a disciplined way. Each workshop allows the participants to interact and develop an action plan which they can start implementing immediately. The main focus is practicality. Paul takes a practical no-nonsense approach to the learning experience. Above all we have fun whilst we learn – this is not only motivational but increases the learning experience too. Expect to “bee” wowed (please excuse the pun).

Each workshop is available on-line. These are usually delivered in 2 sessions of approximately 2 hours per session.



Each workshop is customised to the clients requirements.  This ensures total buy-in and further enhances the interactive learning experience.

Train the Trainer (TTT)

This is an option for all workshops.  Please discuss with Paul. You can get in touch by visiting the contact page.

Public warning

Please ensure you delegate your work before attending any of these workshops. There is little time to reply to emails or answer phone calls during the day.

Interactive workshops

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Learning maps – see and feel the change

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This is what participants say about the workshops

(Participants’ names and their organisations have been withheld on request)

“Extremely valuable. It really hit the mark for us. As a very large and complex company, we are not short on innovative ideas, but the challenge comes in executing across multiple organisations. We came away with new insights and actionable ideas for us to implement. Your follow-up and support has been amazing! Thanks for a great experience!”

“Very inspiring! The bee story used engaged the mind. A training that makes you want to quickly go back to base and implement the skills learned. It should be a MUST attend for all Managers in the organisation.”

“I would highly recommend this workshop for anybody that has intent to start an innovation initiative.”

“Good understanding of how innovation works. Excellent and exciting day - a journey toward innovation for oneself and the organisation a person works with. “Thank you so much for your positive energy and facilitation methods. Also for the excellent examples and practical approach to employee engagement. Really useful. The workshop was full of new information and is very applicable”

“Thank you for a great workshop. We had an amazing two days. Time flew by. So much to take away. We are now learning maniacs”

“This was the best course I have attended. I want to do this for my team and in fact the whole company. I look forward to the second phase”

“Friendly, sensitive, amazing, practical and well presented. Easy to apply across the whole organisation”

“Well worth the investment – 100%. Thank you. What an eye opener and so practical too”

“Loved using the bees to add fun and motivation to the workshop. Energizing and helpful”

“This applies to my personal and professional life. The content was great with excellent supportive training materials”

“Great revision for me. A no nonsense approach to leadership using the facilitators’ own practical knowledge from his experience. Refreshing”

“I forgot about the people. Yes, I did. I was so focused on the results. This workshop drilled home that business is all about the people. People get the results. Thank you.”

“I have attended many leadership workshops over the years. This one particularly impacted on me because it is simple and practical. I never got bored. I love your facilitation style and I love the bee story to illustrate the points”

“What can we learn from bees and a short story about bees? A lot it turns out. Wow – very impactful, thank you”

“Every now and then we need to be reminded that we do not know everything. This workshop reminded me to become a better leader by becoming a learning maniac”

“Great. Simple. Entertaining. Energetic. Thought provoking. Challenging. Unscripted. I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Great workshop. Simple, really clear and to the point. Just what we needed!"

“Very inspiring. Thanks for your energy and engagement. It was fun but with a serious message that we can use and apply immediately”

“Very inspiring workshop. It actually moved me and made me believe that we can do it. Change starts NOW”

“A fun workshop. Entertaining but with a serious message. I learned how to lead change and become a better change leader. I believe I can make an immediate impact”

“Many practical lessons learned with excellent examples. This is one of the most practical and informative workshops I have ever attended. Thank you”

“Helped set direction and momentum. Wow time flew by. Did we spend 2 days in a workshop?”

“The workshop is more than my expectation. Clear and simple message. Just what I needed. It was extremely beneficial for me and my team. We believe we can now make things happen. Do it now”

“This workshop is a changing moment for us. It has increased our urgency and the belief that we can make the changes happen. Really engaging and thought provoking. Loved the use of The Bee Book to help illustrate the points and add a little fun”

“I learned more in 2 days that on a previous 3-week course. My head is full of ideas. I never had a training like this before. Thank you so much”