Bee Ready For Digital Business Transformation™

Transforming your business to ”bee” fit for purpose and to "bee" relevant

Luna Hive has a  new CEO and new members have joined the senior leadership team. Great progress has been made since Farmer John ploughed over their field of flowers 5 years ago. The new CEO – an agile and competent leader who observes and understands the economic and business environment – knows that more change is required if Luna Hive is to remain competitive, stay relevant and survive. He understands that implementing a digital business transformation initiative is how to successfully guide the hive through an uncertain future. He also knows that this will not be easy. He realises that digital business transformation involves more than just technology. It is about processes, procedures, business models and people. It is about how you transform employees’ mindsets and get them involved. He has come to realise that digital impacts everybody, everywhere, in everything they do.

We hope The Bee Book v2.0 will ignite the fire inside you, open your mind and shift your thinking to take action to explore the opportunities digital transformation presents and improve performance. In essence this workshop takes change to the next level – transformational change.


Bee Ready For Digital Business Transformation™ is an interactive, high energy, facilitated workshop for people in any organisation, large or small, government or corporate, who require a simple no-nonsense approach to help them understand the business implications  of digital disruption. This workshop is not about technology. It is about the next level of change – transformational change, “beeing” fit for purpose and “beeing” relevant. It is about leadership, culture change, mindset change, having the right attitude, being an avid leaner and most importantly being adaptable.

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Bee Ready For Digital Business Transformation™ workshop uses the story The Bee Book v2.0 to convey an engaging, practical and interactive approach to helping employees at all levels understand what digital business transformation (DBT) is and its impact on the business, (from c-suite to below), to really grasp and understand DBT, feel comfortable with DBT and to look with a fresh approach to making transformation happen within the organisation. DBT is about being digital not just doing digital. In fact it has little to do with technology. It has everything to do with people, processes, procedures and business models. Leaders at all levels need to drive DBT, be passionate about making the transformation happen and ensure DBT is an integral part of their day job. Do you need to ensure that you organisation is fit for purpose? Attend this workshop.

Using The Bee Book v2.0 and the best principles of Accelerated Learning, this workshop engages, motivates, stimulates and educates the participant in a way that ensures retention and application of knowledge is maximised. It is fun, engaging, stimulating and filled with effective DBT implementation examples.

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The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • What is Digital Business Transformation and what are the benefits?
  • Understand the organisational changes required to harness the power of technology
  • Understand what digital disruption means for your business
  • How to adapt in this fast-changing digital world, including perhaps, changing the culture to be more agile, risk tolerant and experimental
  • Understand how “change has changed” and why we cannot simply apply the common two-dimensional linear change models
  • Learning to do business in different ways with different business models
  • How to adapt individual and institutional skill development for the demands of this rapidly changing world
  • Understand that we can never return to a pre-digital world and the implications thereof
  • Being 100% clear that DBT is not just an IT function
  • Explore how DBT transforms the way organisations operate
  • Understand the implications for organisations by the change in speed and scale of technology
  • Explore the implications of digital on leadership, skills and capabilities
  • The increased impact and importance of teamwork and cross-functional teams on DBT
  • Understand the conflict with increased experimentation and existing organisational practices
  • Provide guidelines to help leaders succeed in implementing DBT
  • How to keep the existing business running whilst also preparing for the digital future
  • Understand what is required to be a successful digital leader
  • Understand the difference between doing digital and being digital
  • Be clear that we cannot go back – digital impacts everybody, everywhere, in everything they do
  • Use The Bee Book V2.0 to help transform the story of a hive of bees to real world situations and to develop a common language throughout the organisation
  • To jolt leaders to take urgent action – a quantum leap – to ensure the organisation is fit for purpose
  • Develop a high-level Plan Bee or action plan for effective implementation of a DBT initiative 

A short pre-read of The Bee Book V2.0 is a recommended prerequisite.

It will not do any harm to re-visit The Bee Book either and will add to the learning experience  🙂