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An introduction to The Bee Books and the bee characters

We use The Bee Book and 

The Bee Book v2.0 to ensure   

 your organisation stays relevant

 We welcome you to meet the characters in the books and to familiarise yourselves with The Bee Book and The Bee Book v2.0 by viewing the videos below







We use The Bee Book and The Bee Book v2.0 to facilitate our workshops for effective results. The stories are simple, to the point and easily understood by all participants at every level within the organisation. We engage employees, we encourage maximum participation, and we focus on action. We maintain that we are the catalysts for action. We believe that attending a workshop is the first step in the implementation process. We ensure all participants leave our workshops with a high sense of urgency and an understanding of why they need to take ownership and be accountable.

Our 6 practical, interactive workshops (based on The Bee Book stories) will help your organisation to effectively implement change, improve employee engagement, become more innovative, inspire and encourage employees to be more effective leadersprovide a thorough understanding of digital business transformation and its implication for business and help high potentials understand what it takes to be an intrapreneur.



Paul Rigby
Bee Book Transformation

We also offer a TTT option

Our purpose is “to make a difference to people’s lives”. We achieve this through our unique interactive, informative and motivational workshops. We are able to offer your organisation the opportunity to license designated facilitators to deliver all or any of these workshops to your employees to inspire them to achieve more both personally and professionally.

The Bee suite of workshops will help future-proof your organisation to stay relevant. 

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