Bee Ready For Change™

A simple and practical 3-step approach to change

 The pace of change has increased substantially. Change is now pervasive and exponential. One could argue that change has moved from 2-D change to 3-D change. In fact, change has become more complex and demanding for today’s leaders. Leaders now must be even more humble, more authentic, more open, allowing for more empowerment and collective decision making, to ensure they instil trust and psychological safety. By doing so, leaders will provide a solid platform for individuals and teams to perform at their highest capabilities, resulting in effective change where ideas are not just  implemented but are executed for better results adding substantial value to the organisation.

We use The Bee Book to convey our change message. The book describes how a hive of bees is faced with a catastrophic change in the environment. The bees need to take quick action if they are to survive. But is this hive ready and capable of adapting to the challenges presented or are they stuck in a world of complacency?  The Bee Book takes an unconventional look at the challenges organisations (large and small) face when trying to adapt to a rapidly changing, challenging and unpredictable world. The bees need to up their game and move from 2-D change to 3-D change if they are to survive.

This short story will challenge your thinking and ask questions of how you deal with change in your organisation.

Bee Ready For ChangeTM workshop will challenge you and help you to take action and progress to 3-D change.

Bee Ready For Change™ is an interactive, high energy, facilitated workshop for people in any organisation, large or small, government or corporate, who require a simple no-nonsense approach for change. Based on years of research from some of the world’s foremost thought-leaders and the facilitator’s extensive knowledge and experience in implementing change initiatives.

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Bee Ready For Change™ workshop uses the story The Bee Book to convey a 3-step approach to helping employees at all levels drive change, (from c-suite to below), to understand change, feel comfortable with change and to look with a fresh approach to making change happen within the organisation. Change is all about action. It is about productivity not just activity. Leaders at all levels need to drive change, be passionate about making change happen and ensure change is an integral part of their day job. Do you need motivation to change? Attend this workshop.

Using The Bee Book and the best principles of Accelerated Learning, this workshop engages, motivates, stimulates and educates the learner in a way that ensures retention and application of knowledge is maximised. It is fun, engaging, thought provoking and filled with effective change implementation examples.

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The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • Increase the urgency and acceptance for change
  • Understand change and how leadership ensures effective change implementation
  • Use The Bee Book to help transform the story of a hive of bees to real world situations
  • Lessons we can learn from bees
  • Develop a common language (based on the story of the bees) to be used throughout the organisation for simple effective communication
  • Produce a list of what actually needs changing within your organisation or department and then act on it
  • Understand why people are resistant to change and how to overcome this
  • Develop a simple 3-step action plan (Prepare, Engage, Implement) for your change initiatives
  • Complete the last chapter of The Bee Book and translate this to your actual situation
  • Delegates leave the workshop with a completed action plan for their first change initiative that they can start implementing NOW

A short pre-read of The Bee Book is a recommended prerequisite